Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chase Alias critique of Marcos Rivero for InFlickr, April 27, 2011 11:57am

I've reviewed plenty of portraits in georgous settings but something about this particular work grabs me.  At first it looks to be just a simple snapshot of a coupolke on a beautiful beach but the classic composition juxtaposed with the interesting expressions and poses of the subjects makes this work, in my opinion, "In"Flickr. -Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique for InFlickr
Whats your opinion?

Dastodd on Dastodd

A Night of Many Colors by C. Dastodd
A Night of Many Colors, a photo by C. Dastodd on Flickr.

What can we say we love Dastodd

Chase Alias Critique of Mini Forest,Macro Version, April 27, 2011 9:12am

Mini Forest, Macro Version | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
alex arnaoudov' s mini forest, macro version is a great example of concept carried through macro photography. For his relevenca in concept I vote him "In"Flick. What do you say? Let us know.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Evening Showcase: Angie Pinchbeck (Angie Pants) as Critiqued by Chase Alias, April 24, 2011, 10:13pm

Angie Pants , as she's known on Flickr, has a photostream quite varied. It runs the gamut from street scenes to trippy overlay techniques all of which have character and merit. However what truly grabbed my attention about her work was her candids. With a formal use of framing she manages to surprise us with humor, whit and something slightly jarring that moves you through her world as if you'v know her for years. She's been on my contact list since I joined Flickr a while ago and I find myself checking back with her just to make sure she's doing well in China. I have a soft spot for an artist who can capture raw emotion on film an I feel Angie is one of the best on Flickr. I definitely say "In"Flickr.

-Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique for InFlickr

Chase Alias for InFlickr

Whitehall London . HDR by ZedZaP
Whitehall London . HDR, a photo by ZedZaP on Flickr.
Whitehall London . HDR IThis is a woderful caprture and has my vote for "In"Flickr. What's your vote? Let us know

InFlickr Focus on Dastodd a Critique by Holden Vance III

Charles Dastodd has been one of the inspirations for the creation of InFickr. His work is quite various but still has his unique flair. For his hard work and artistic vision I vote him "In"Flickr. What's your vote, let us know:

- Critique by Holden Vance III for using BlogPress from my iPod

Location:Old Huckleberry Rd,,United States

Morning Showcase: Julie Kao as critiqued by Chase Alias, April 24, 2011 6:50am

The work of Julie Kao caught my eye in my contacts folders of flickr2go and after seeing the diversity of thus portfolio I decided to showcase many of her works this morning. I vote all of them as "In"Flickr. She has a knack for drama and an artistic

flair. Keep it up.

- Critique by Chase Alias for using BlogPress from my iPod

Location:Brookside Pl,,United States

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holden Vance III, BeHolden Conceptuals for InFlickr, April 23, 2011 2:57pm

Run Girl Run, sounds like a Gay Slogan. But it's actually a beautiful composition. I vote this one as "In"Flickr. -Holden Vance III, BeHolden Conceptuals for InFlickr.

"What's InFlickr?" by Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique

Fairfield Fish and Chips by ZedZaP
Fairfield Fish and Chips, a photo by ZedZaP on Flickr.
Fairfield Fish and Chips does kinda make you hungry. But it's also a perfect use of grain and beautiful color. This is truly artistic. My vote is "In", whats yours? Let us know at -Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique for InFlickr.

"What's InFlickr?" by Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique

Looking for paradise by Dani Parra
Looking for paradise, a photo by Dani Parra on Flickr.

Looking for paradise by Dani Para has a georgeos visiual effect and is a great use of color. It does however go soft on the focus in many places. Overall this is a stunning capture. My vote is "In". -Chase Alias, ReTweet Critique

Friday, April 22, 2011

"Whats InFlickr?" by ReTweet Critique, Chase Alias

Untitled. by BOm V.T.
Untitled., a photo by BOm V.T. on Flickr.

This is a stunning sunset image at first glance but get to be a little like an inspirational Poster. This is still a Marvy Capture! Nice Work. -Chase Alias for InFLickr, April, 22 11:54 PM